I Certify every stone that I cut when I cut it.  This signed certificate provides information on the following:

-Date of certification

-Stone type

-Size of the stone

-Weight of the stone

-Origin of the stone

-Treatments of the stone

-Design used for cutting the stone

-Number of facets on the finished stone.

-Care instructions

-Replacement cost

     Depending on the type of stone, every item listed above is not always listed on the certificate, but in most cases most of these items will be listed.  The replacement cost is valid for one year from the certification date of the stone.  Beyond that date I reserve the right to increase this price due to increased costs of rough and supplies.  If you choose to have your jewelry certified, the stone will be insured for NO LESS than the value listed on the certificate.  For a $25 certification fee I can provide another certificate for, or re-certify a stone I have cut.

     Any statements of the material type, and/or treatments are based on what I was told when I purchased the rough.  If I am unsure about a particular aspect of the stone I will NOT certify that aspect of the stone.  Everything stated on the certificate is accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I assume no  responsibility for possible mis-identification of stones, or treatments as I do my best to make sure I only buy rough that I have complete details and disclosure for.