I can provide a wide range of jewelry for any need.  I typically carry only a small inventory of available settings, because I order exactly what you want to make sure you are satisfied.  It only takes a few days to recieve the settings, and in most cases, I can have the jewelry finished and ready to ship in approximately one week.  If you desire a special custom  piece, I work closely with local jewelers who can hand craft the exact piece you want.  If you have an idea in your head for a piece you've never seen before(or have not been able to find)  all you have to do is describe it, and we can make it for you.  Use your imagination, there are no limits to what can be created.  It does not matter if you only want a simple sterling silver piece, or if you want yellow gold, white gold, platnum, titanium or other metal used.

     Here are some pictures of a few pieces of jewelry made with some of my custom stones.  Every stone I cut is certified to be one of my original custom cut stones.  The certificate gives all of the information about that particular stone, and lists a replacement value. 

     I apologize in advance for my photography skills, as it is very difficult to capture the true beauty of these pieces in a picture.  These pieces are even more beautiful when you see them in person.  If you would like to see more pictures of a particular item, drop me an E-Mail  and I will be happy to send you additional pictures.

If you are interested in anything below, please contact me.  Mike@mikesgems.com

If you have trouble viewing my gallery here, you can view it directly at http://mikesgems.com/Gallery/Jewelry